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Our History

Mr. Snyder & Father
Snyder Sales Company was started in 1952 by William M. Snyder, Sr., in Hinsdale, IL after spending 16 years with the General Electric Company out of Schenectady, NY, Bridgeport, CT, and finally Chicago, IL.

Due to Bill, Sr.ís propensity for engineered products, SSCO has always been in product driven areas that favored sales and marketing on features and benefits. Products were pulled through the commercial distribution channels by an educated end user, whether they were; commercial contractors, electrical engineers, production foreman at steel mills and public utilities, OEMís or Public Authorities. SSCO has always taken pride in representing one original principal for 50 years and another original principal for 27 years. That type of dedication, loyalty and diligence is historic in the Chicago land market.

William M. Snyder, Jr. joined SSCO in 1962 followed by brothers; Stephan L. Snyder in 1965, Jefferson M. Snyder in 1971 and Jeremy E. Snyder in 1980 and finally by Chris Miller in the 1990ís.

Our expertise has centered around electrical raceway products whether they be; wire and cable, conduit (rigid and flexing), cable tray (metallic and non-metallic), and fire stopping of those raceways.

SSCO has supported our local Electric Association and was a founding member of EMRA (now NEMRA) of Illinois. We have been active in NEMRA national for many years and MANA in its formative years.

We are proud to be approaching 60 years of dedicated service to the Greater Chicago Midwest Market Ė heartland of our countryís industrial strength.
Member of CPMR LL22 Member of NEMRA

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